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The first dance sequence shows the camera tracking and panning which emphasises the flawless and elegant flow of the waltz being performed.

As a person with high level of agreeableness, she tends to be generous and concerned for others. This world takes place in an interior location, which somehow represents the rigidity that occurs in it. This technique enhances the steps and makes the scene as lively as possible for the viewer.

It can be seen from his role, that he wants something always function according to his rules. The rumba is the dance of love. Throughout the film, we can see that Scott passes some changes during his dancing career. Conscientiousness represents his ambition and hard working person in order to reach his goal.

Multiculturalism refers to the cultural and ethnic diversity within a society. Scott is approached by a beginner, Fran Tara Moricewho wants to dance his steps, no matter whether they win or not.

Among those five kinds of personality, one personality that may fits for Doug is neuroticism in a high level. Sport involves many things such as competition, dirty tactics, personal achievement and sport officials.

You're really scared to give someone new a go, because you think, you know, they might just be better than you are! It is really about oppression of creativity and about the lengths someone may go to to retain power.

Belonging is about being comfortable with the people you interact with and Other Popular Essays.

Strictly Ballroom Essay

Well, you can dance any steps you like In fact, put simply, there isn't a single weak performance in the whole film. You're just like the rest of them!


Hence, it is extremely important for them to gain acceptance and approval by using the fixed dance steps conform from people around them especially the committee members of the federation. You're a gutless wonder! He is encouraged to overcome conformity. Secondly, Fran is the one who reminds Scott about his dreams to dance with his new steps and to live life to the full without fear.

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In this theatrical film Luhrmann usees themes and images to construct the story line of glitzy, glamorous, competition of romance of federation dancing. Perhaps, a small amount of control would still be good. I don't want you to be like them. As Barry Fife tries to stops Scott and Fran from dancing, he yelled so hardly to stop the music but many of the characters tried hard to stop him.

It can be clearly identified that Scott Hastings had a high desire for personal control where it explains his behaviour for not conforming to the norm where he would want to control and make decisions for his own life.

Strictly Ballroom Analysis

Although the majority conformed, Scott Hastings was one of them who repeatedly questioned people around him on what is the problem with the dance moves that he created. If we correlate the personality of Barry with the Big Five Personality, the one that fits him the most I think is a low level of agreeableness.

To get you to dance with me in the first place? Even with so many dance steps in the play, Luhrmann, whose mother taught dancing and who was a childhood dancer himself, believed his play carried a political message: Leave a comment Despite being a regular on daytime television, Rachel Riley has revealed she suffered from stage fright during her time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Dance is an art form as old as the ballet through which stories can be depicted. As one of the man in the family, he does not really get the attention from the other family members, because the others are too busy taking care of their own affairs.Brave new steps put Scott’s career in jeopardy.

With a new partner and determination, can he still succeed? Release: Strictly Ballroom iNTERNAL DVDRip XViD-MULTiPLY. Critics Consensus: As emotionally rich as it is eye-catching, Strictly Ballroom uses its infectious energy as the fuel for a modern dance classic with all the right moves%.

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“Strictly Ballroom” Thompson died of an aneurysm before she could see the movie premiere Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival and it is with great sadness that Strictly Ballroom was the first and only movie I ever saw her in.

Shirley Hastings is a character that could never be made the same in the hands of another performer. Quotes Scott Hastings.

An Unforgettable Performance: PAT THOMSON

We're telling a story. The rumba is the dance of love. Look at me like you're in love. I have to help Wayne with his bogo pogo. Fans of Strictly Come Dancing will love the amateur ballroom dancing setting and the bawdy Australian humour of the film is retained.

Of course the film’s success was about the universality of dancing your own steps, being true to one’s self and not living in fear, and that message runs through all we see here.

Get Strictly Ballroom DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer and movie stats. In the world of Australian ballroom dance competition, dancers must conform to convention if they want to win.

One dancer, Scott, who was raised in a family that has ballroom dancing.

Strictly ballroom fear
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