Critically analyse the move towards outcomes based services for children and young people

The process research favored by educators in Reggio Emilia promotes reflective practice and program improvement through formative methods that help educators to better understand the context of their problems, assess the needs and responses of their stakeholders, and analyze "what works and what does not" on an ongoing basis.

Bob Lathe and Nancy Parsons http: The move towards outcome-based services has both positive and negative aspects about them. Schools and classrooms do not necessarily look alike just because they derive from the same philosophy, and this article can at most describe only the general tendencies that may not correctly describe particular schools or programs.

However, if this is used too frequently or not frequently enough the child can lose the incentive, it also doesn?? One must feel the importance of doing so, and thus be driven to acquire command of the art of high quality reasoning. Globalism is also a set of values and ethical beliefs requiring active practice in our day-to-day lives.

In such a scenario, there must be at least Medicaid-to-Medicare payment parity for the services provided to the patients of primary care physicians. The centres are open to all parents, carers and children, many of the services are free, you can get help and advice on a child and family health, parenting, money, training and employment.

The very language used in juvenile court underscored these differences. The Programme is not intended to be a universal service for all children in the year before starting pre-school education but is aimed primarily at those children who are likely to benefit most from this support.

They lead us to think of thought and emotion as if they were oil and water, rather than inseparable constituents of human cognition. Research to Practice Example: Third, referral to court by agents other than the police, especially parents, relatives, and neighbors, was a far more common practice than it is today.

The act gave the court jurisdiction over neglected, dependent, and delinquent children under age Within this common framework individuals should work flexibly and pay attention to the needs and expertise of others.

Wherever there is drive, thinking and feeling are present in some form. The act required separation of juveniles from adults when incarcerated and barred the detention of children under age 12 in jails.

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In short, the truly intelligent person is not a disembodied intellect functioning in an emotional wasteland, but a deeply committed mindful person, full of passion and high values, engaged in effective reasoning, sound judgment, and wise conduct. The case embodied nearly every procedural irregularity distinctive of juvenile courts: All of these creations and all of these activities of minds are closely inter-involved with our emotional lives.

Collaboration is a key component of successfully integrated services. The human mind, as I understand it, is comprised, at minimum, of three basic functions: Physicians and other providers would continue to operate independently. Data were gathered during summer in Indianapolis and summer in St.

Declining incomes, growing inequalities, job insecurity, drugs, crime--these are the forces that are tearing at the social fabric of communities across the Northern hemisphere Hellinger, Institute for Agricultural and Trade Policy.

Irredentism abounds Attali, Burton explains that in analyzing conflict one must distinguish among needs, values and interests. Historians have noted that the establishment of the juvenile court not only diverted youngsters from the criminal court, but also expanded the net of social control over juveniles through the incorporation of status jurisdiction into states' juvenile codes e.

What is community development?

Consider the following examples: However each child is different and something that works for one child won?? Manderscheid Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Edition Cross-Cutting Issues and Methods in the Era of Health Reform Inthe year the first edition of Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services was published, the United States had just begun to implement more systematic accountability of the human services through legislation such as the Government Performance and Results Actmore contemporary approaches to human services administration that were geared toward performance measurement such as total quality managementand more stringent approaches to fiscal accountability through evolving strategies such as managed care.

What approaches to outcomes measurement are being promulgated, and how have they changed since ? Looking back at that moment some twenty years later he says, "I just went bananas. What is more, because we become facile self-deceivers, it is often not clear to us when we are acting in an egocentric manner.

The integration of services at a managerial level does not always ensure the effectiveness of professionals working together on the frontline. Changed context and response since Greater income inequality is not the only social failure generated by the success of globalization generally and by NAFTA particularly.

Gault was detained by the police and held overnight without his parents being notified; he was required to appear at a juvenile court hearing the following day; a probation officer filed a pro forma petition alleging Gault was a delinquent minor in need of care and custody of the court; no witnesses were called; there was no sworn testimony or written record of the court proceedings; and Gault was not advised of his right to remain silent or to have an attorney.

The vision was that this new kind of school would educate human beings able to create a just and peaceful society.

We recognize that it is socially unacceptable to be blatantly egocentric. Turner concludes with some lessons learned from the field of criminal justice that other human services may find useful in their quest to become more automated and collaborative with the various sectors involved in providing comprehensive care.Within Indonesia, for example, the Javanese are known for their warmth toward young children (ch.

7), whereas the Alorese are reported to be low in child nurturance.


In Coastal West Africa, the Yoruba and Ibo of Nigeria have contrasting patrilineal hierarchies, family settlement patterns, and gender roles. The Case for School Connectedness School As a Critical Developmental Venue SECTION 2 Evidence-based Strategies to Enhance Connectedness SECTION 3 School Environments Affect Connectedness What Makes a School Engaging?

School Leaders Can Improve the Climate the lives of young people. For military children, who may move as many as.

Lead practice that supports positive outcomes for child and young person??™s development. Critically analyse the move towards outcome-based services for children and young people.

Outcomes Measurement in the Human Services, 2nd Edition

The move towards outcome-based services has both positive and negative aspects about them. Practice-Based Learning Reflection on PRACTICE gradually or from a sudden or critical incident and alter the way people see themselves and their world.

awareness; description and observation; critical analysis and problem-solving; and synthesis and evaluation (Richardson & Maltby, ). Quality Assurance in Child Welfare Create QA Structure Adopt Outcomes Use Results Gather Information Analyze Information also support and encourage the move towards continuous quality years in an effort to improve their services and the outcomes for the children and families served.

The second attachment summarizes the federal. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association of Early Childhood Specialists in State Departments of Education (NAECS/SDE) take the position that early learning standards can be a valuable part of a comprehensive, high-quality system of services for young children, contributing to young.

Critically analyse the move towards outcomes based services for children and young people
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